Picture your life  Hypnosis for weight lossPicture your life is this weeks reading from my hypnosis for weight loss book, Becoming Slender For Life. When you give yourself the gift of choice, you have the opportunity to embrace a conscious relationship with yourself and take back the power that you gave away to food, to people and to circumstances.

Weight loss hypnosis can help you with this choice so that you too can live your life, Slender For Life™ and create a conscious relationship with yourself.

Picture your life

So please take a few minutes and envision how your life will feel at your ideal weight. Focus on activities that you could do at your goal weight that you can’t do now. Playing down on the floor with your grandchildren—and getting right back up with ease. Walking for several miles every day—with eagerness and delight. Fitting comfortably into an airplane or theatre seat, tackling a big remodeling or landscaping project. How do you want to be living your life in the years ahead? What do you want to be different?

You do have the power of choice. This is a gift of options you can give to yourself—it’s a gift of freedom—a gift of choice. The choice to be able to train and climb Mount Rainier, run a marathon or enjoy a rewarding intimate life. There is a genuine power in knowing that if you want to do something physical, you can. For 65 percent of Americans, that choice is not an option. They do not have the option to say “yes” or “no” to certain physical activities. They simply can’t do them. The good news is that whether you are 12 or 80, it’s never too late to lose weight and benefit from a healthy lifestyle.

The goal is to face your challenges in life, experience your feelings, no longer needing to eat them. The goal is to let go of your mistaken identity, no longer hiding behind your weight. The goal is to become your true self, living the rest of your life at your ideal weight.

It’s really not about the food; it’s not even about reaching a goal weight. It is about embracing a conscious relationship with yourself. It’s about taking back the power you gave away to food, to people, to circumstances. It’s about allowing that hidden part of yourself to be seen, heard and felt in the real world. It’s about vulnerability. Using hypnosis, you can reclaim control over your life and shift out of an unconscious trance into consciousness.

Are you likely to slip back into your old unconscious trances? From my perspective, yes—as long as you have a pulse. However, with the proper tools and awareness, you can make the choice to return to a more healthful path. Change is never complete, it’s never finished. Change is your journey in this life.

From Becoming Slender For Life, second edition,
pages 26 – 27

No matter where you may live, contact me about hypnosis for weight loss so that you can embrace a conscious relationship with yourself.

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I give myself the gift of choice.

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