Dr. John McDougall says that pills won’t save you. I have the world of respect for Dr. McDougall, but this is beyond my scope of practice. I do know that what we eat impacts our health. Way back in 460 BC, Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Many autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis can be alleviated with a healthy real food diet of vegetables, whole grains and fruit.  And, I do know that hypnosis can help you make the lifestyle changes that would support you in eating real food. You can learn self-hypnosis and end your desires for junk food, fast food and processed food.

Pills Won’t Save You

John McDougall, MD says that most drugs that doctors prescribe are a racket. His example in this clip comes from medications used in the world of autoimmune diseases, specifically multiple sclerosis — but the scheme is exactly the same for a lot of common drugs prescribed today.

This video excerpt comes from the GET HEALTHY NOW RED DVD Set.

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Jack LaLanne said that your health account is your wealth account. So why not learn hypnosis and make the lifestyle changes necessary in improve your health? Self-hypnosis can help you make the positive changes in your life to improve your diet and to motivate you to exercise.

Studies also show that hypnotherapy is proven to be effective with autoimmune diseases such as MS and Rheumatoid Arthritis. It is commonly accepted that hypnosis is a valuable tool for stress reduction and Multiple Sclerosis is affected by stress. I am proud to offer Hypnosis For Multiple Sclerosis here at  as one of the quality hypnosis MP3 downloads here at the Hypnosis Health Info Store. To learn more watch Hypnosis For Multiple Sclerosis.

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My health account is my wealth account.

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