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Whether you are into bodybuilding or not, plant-based proteins provide all the essential amino acids, and are much easier on the bones and kidneys. Plant foods are loaded with advantages: There is no better way to cut body fat. And you skip all the animal fat and cholesterol that come from animal products. Vegetarian foods lend themselves very well to multiple meals in the day. Their high content of complex carbohydrates helps keep up the metabolic rate. I’m not a competitive body builder, but I do lift weights and I know that in addition to eating plant strong food, self hypnosis for bodybuilding gives me an advantage. Self hypnosis gets me to the gym, and with each exercise that I do, I visualize proper form and I visualize my muscles preforming the rep with strength. Learn self hypnosis for a stronger and healthier body.

Plant-Based Bodybuilding

Lower levels of the cancer promoting growth hormone IGF-1 in those eating vegan is not expected to affect their accumulation of muscle mass.

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Personally, I am more into endurance sports than bodybuilding. I have completed 5 marathons and now I seek out long distance cycling events like the STP (Seattle to Portland bike ride, all 204 miles). How do I fuel my body? With plant-strong foods. I get the protein and other high quality food that I need and they are easy on my digestive system and good for my body.

Eating plant-based food is different than how most people eat. But then, most people are sick and overweight. Self-hypnosis can help you build a healthy plant-strong body.

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Vegan Body Building

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