Plant based diet - the evidence ~ Jeff NovickI love it when experts like Jeff Novick present solid evidence in support of a plant based diet. With all the misinformation out there about healthy nutrition its really confusing and challenging for most of us. The meat and dairy council still has too many dieticians and nutritionists telling you need protein from dairy and animals. And then there is all the craziness about carbs and the recent fad of eating gluten free – it seems to me that the marketers have really sold an unhealthy bill of goods. I know from my own experience that making long-lasting lifestyle changes are challenging. In fact, at times they feel impossible. I also know that weight loss hypnosis can help you make those lasting healthy lifestyle changes.

The Spectrum of Health: An Integrated Approach To Whole Food, Plant-Based Diets, Pt 1 -The Evidence

By Jeff Novick, MS, RD, December 5, 2013: A diet that is (1) based predominately on a variety of minimally processed fruits, vegetables, starchy vegetables, roots/tubers, whole grains and legumes and (2) low in fat, saturated fat, calorie density, and (3) low in added sugars, oils and salt, has been documented to prevent and/or reverse disease – even for those who are seriously ill – in many published studies over the last 60 years. The results from these studies, which use differing specific diets in them, documents the importance and the effectiveness of this overall dietary pattern over any one specific version of this diet.

Read The Spectrum of Health: An Integrated Approach To Whole Food, Plant-Based Diets, Pt 1 -The Evidence

Weight loss hypnosis can help you end your desires for the foods that make you fat and sick and help you create healthy lifelong desires for plant based food. Growing up on a dairy farm I never thought it would be possible to not eat meat and dairy. 17 years ago I lost over 100 pounds with hypnosis for weight loss. Lasting lifestyle change is available for you. Learn hypnosis so that you can eat, move and think toward the life that you want..

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I am eating, moving and thinking toward the life that I want.

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