Plant based diet for coronary artery diseaseDr. Caldwell Esselstyn has proven with 100% success that even advanced triple vessel coronary artery disease could be reversed with a plant-based diet. It’s not uncommon for someone to say to me that a plant based diet is so extreme and so radical that they could never do it. Really? To me, drugs and surgery are are extreme and radical! The good news is that when you learn self hypnosis, making a healthy lifestyle change to a plant based diet is easy!

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Evidence-Based Medicine or

Evidence-based medicine may ironically bias medical professionals against the power of dietary intervention.

Dr. Esselstyn’s landmark study showing even advanced triple vessel coronary artery disease could be reversed with a plant-based diet has been criticized for being such a small study, but the reason we’re used to seeing such large studies is they typically show such small effects. Drug manufacturers may need to study 7,000 people in order to show a barely statistically significant 15% drop in ischemic events in a subsample of patients, whereas Esselstyn got a 100% drop in those who stuck to his diet, all the more compelling considering that those 18 participants experienced 49 coronary events, meaning like heart attacks, in the eight years before they went on the diet. And these were the worst of the worst, most of whom having already failed surgical intervention. When the effects are so dramatic how many people do you need?

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On healthy enough plant based diets, our #1 cause of death may simply cease to exist. The Cornell-Oxford-China Study showed that even small amounts of animal-based food was associated with a small, but measurable increase in risk of some of these chronic diseases.

Eating foods like meat and dairy that cause obesity and chronic diseases is extreme and radical. Eating a plant based diet not only is delicious, nutritious and healthy, it can be totally enjoyable and easy when you learn self hypnosis.

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