I’m still surprised by how many people still don’t understand that plant based foods are complete proteins.  How many times have you heard something like, “I’ve read that because plant foods don’t contain all the essential amino acids that humans need, to be healthy we must either eat animal protein or combine certain plant foods with others in order to ensure that we get complete proteins”? As Jeff Novick says, “If myths like this abound not only in the general population but also in the medical community, how can anyone ever learn how to eat healthfully?” Please assure your family and friends that vegetables are complete proteins.

The Myth of Complementary Protein

Forks Over Knives, Jeff Novick, M.S., R.D., June 3, 2013: Today, if you calculate the amount of each essential amino acid provided by unprocessed plant foods and compare these values with those determined by Rose, you will find that any single whole natural plant food, or any combination of them, if eaten as one’s sole source of calories for a day, would provide all of the essential amino acids and not just the minimum requirements but far more than the recommended requirements.

Modern researchers know that it is virtually impossible to design a calorie-sufficient diet based on unprocessed whole natural plant foods that is deficient in any of the amino acids. (The only possible exception could be a diet based solely on fruit).

To wrongly suggest that people need to eat animal protein for proper nutrition encourages consumption of foods known to contribute to the incidence of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, many forms of cancer, and other common health problems.

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Many people are afraid to follow healthful, plant-based diet because they worry about “incomplete proteins” from plant sources. Slender For Life™ weight loss hypnosis clients know that you can be vegan and easily consume complete proteins. Hypnosis for weight loss can help you to create a healthy desire for vegetables, whole grains and fruit and end unhealthy desires for processed food and animal fats.

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