Instruction in plant-based dietary medicine is one part of a new residency program launching in July at Maine Medical Center in Portland.

Imagine my happy dance when I read that the plant-based lifestyle is going to medical school! I’ve written before about Kaiser Permanente now asks that its 15,000 affiliated doctors to recommend a plant-based diet to all patients. Now according to the Portland Press Herald, a new residency program will teach about preventing disease and helping patients change habits and diets. The program isn’t advocating a specific diet, but the emphasis is mostly on the evidence-based whole food plant-based lifestyle.

Since 1997

Since 1997, I’ve taught Slender For Life™ hypnosis for weight loss to people who wanted to to stop eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) that makes you fat and sick and start living a whole food plant-based lifestyle that makes you slender and healthy.

According to Kaiser Permanente, “Healthy eating may be best achieved with a plant-based diet, which we define as a regimen that encourages whole, plant-based foods and discourages meats, dairy products, and eggs as well as all refined and processed foods.”

My hope is that disease prevention nutrition become the standard and important component for all medical students.

“Healthy eating may be best achieved with a plant-based diet”

A new residency program will teach about preventing disease and helping patients change habits and diets.

Maine Med plants seeds for doctors to focus on health impact of food

Portland Press Herald, Avery Yale Kamila, April 13, 2016: Observing that “the average med student gets around 20 hours of nutritional education in their whole career,” Dr. James Loomis, medical director of the all plant-based Barnard Medical Center in Washington, D.C., sees the increased interest in preventive medicine as a sign of positive change.

“I think we are starting to see a fairly significant grassroots movement where people are realizing there is another path than taking all these medicines,” he said.

“We hope to make the economic case for lifestyle medicine and healthcare costs,” Loomis said. “We hope to go to employer groups and say, ‘Why are you paying all this money to fill people’s prescriptions when we have a program that can save you millions and your employees will be healthier and happier?’ ”

Read Maine Med plants seeds for doctors to focus on health impact of food

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