Olive Oil Isn’t Health Food

Olive Oil and other plant oils are not a healthy alternative to saturated fat.

Animal fats and plant-based fats are unhealthy, but the concern is not so much the oil as it is animal-based proteins which are more hazardous than lipids (cholesterol and fatty acids).

Dr. Campbell also writes that, “It should be emphasized, however, that excess saturated fat in the diet, although not causal, is a very good indicator of an unhealthy dietary practice.”

The health concern is not the fat, the issue is the animal proteins.

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Plant Oils Are Not a Healthy Alternative to Saturated Fat

T. Colin Campbell, July 21, 2016: “Focusing on fat as the main culprit of an unhealthy diet is seriously misguided for a variety of reasons.

  1. It detracts from the health problems caused by animal-based foods, which primarily owe their unhealthy properties to their protein content far more than their content of lipids like cholesterol or saturated fat.
  2. Blaming the prohibition of animal-based food on a false saturated fat (or cholesterol or total fat) argument actually led to attempts over several decades to remove fat, especially saturated fat, from these foods—as in skimmed milk and many other low fat products—and create a healthier alternative. Little or no health gain has been noted.
  3. Shifting to a healthier alternative to saturated fat, as with the use of plant oils (e.g., oleomargarine) and related synthetic products causes us to jump from the frying pans into the fire (almost literally!) only to suffer more and die earlier.
  4. Falsely focusing on saturated fat as a health villain, a widely held view, allows food and health policy boards to make relatively useless propositions on a relatively trivial concern thus diverting their attention away from what they ought to be doing.”

Read Plant Oils Are Not a Healthy Alternative to Saturated Fat

T. Colin Campbell, PhD

T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies

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