Plant-Powered AthletesAs sports nutrition becomes more scientific, many sports participants are becoming plant-powered athletes. I was thrilled to have a conversation recently with a personal trainer at a local gym who told me he would be glad when the day came that people stopped asking about protein. World champion athletes get all the protein they need from whole plant-based foods. They don’t need pills, supplements or powered sports concoctions to build strong healthy bodies that are able to withstand the endurance of a sports activity. Plant-based foods also help you to have a quicker recovery.

Seattle hypnosis with Roger Moore has been helping athletes and weekend warriors to learn sports hypnosis since 1997. Hypnosis can help you to improve your sports performance and your nutrition.

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If you ate nothing but a variety of fresh fruit, you still would never suffer a deficiency of protein (or even any particular amino acid). Short of starving yourself, it’s almost impossible. I rode my bike all 204 miles from Seattle to Portland (STP) in one day eating only whole plant-based food and I had more than enough protein. Learn sports hypnosis to improve your game and your health!

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These are Your Abs…on Plant Foods

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