Plant-Based-Dieticians-Food-Guide-PyramidYes, plant protein is best and yes, plant proteins are complete proteins. The USDA Dietary Guidelines Committee has been made of up individuals funded by McDonald’s, Coca Cola, the Sugar Association, the American Meat Institute, candy bar companies, and the egg and dairy boards. So it is no wonder that the dietary guidelines don’t explicitly say to avoid unhealthy foods like meat, dairy and processed foods. Now you may be thinking that you like your chicken, your yogurt and coffee creamer and that you don’t like vegetables and don’t know how to prepare grains. At Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge hypnosis you can learn self hypnosis to end your desires for the food that makes you fat and sick and to create healthy desires for vegetables, whole grains and fruit.

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Plant Protein Preferable

The dietary recommendations of countries that rely on their health departments to formulate them rather than their agriculture departments more closely parallel the recommendations of academics such as Walter Willet, the Chair of Harvard’s nutrition department, who, in his essentials of healthy eating guide talks about picking the best “protein packages, recognizing that food is a package deal and so one of his top 3 recommendations is we should emphasize plant sources of protein rather than animal sources.

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Most of us grew up with nutritional posters on our classroom walls in grade school. I remember being told by my first grade teacher that I had to drink milk at lunch and had to eat that fish stick so that I would be healthy. What I didn’t know is that those posters were paid for by the beef and dairy councils and the result is that Americans have gotten fatter and sicker.

When you learn self hypnosis you can end your unhealthy desires for the foods that make you fat and sick. Your body is meant to be healthy. Use your wise mind and create health and wealth.

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