So how about a plant-strong Halloween? It is the beginning of sugar season, a dangerous time for children and adults. It is especially a dangerous time for people who are overweight or who are dealing with other health issues. Most of that Halloween candy is nothing more than artificially flavored sugar filled with chemicals and preservatives that only add inches to the waistline and pour gasoline on the fire of disease. One client recently described the day after Halloween in her office as feeling like she was an alcoholic working in a bar. Slender For Life™ hypnosis for weight loss clients learn hypnosis and other tools that makes it easy to walk past the Halloween candy without temptation.

The folks at The Engine 2 Diet have some great tips for creating a plant-strong Halloween.

Plant-Strong Halloween

1. Trade up! Have your kids go trick-or-treating and at the end of the night they can trade their candy for something bigger, like a special toy/book they really want, or a few smaller toys/trinkets. *Donate candy to the office/send to our troops overseas.

2. For every pound of candy they earn a dollar amount.

3. Let them choose 5-10 pieces of candy from the loot. Donate the rest.

4. Throw a Halloween party with healthy food and fun games instead of trick-or-treating!

5. Make it a game. See who can pick out the healthiest treats from their bag. Whoever wins gets a prize.

6. Hand out healthy treats at your house, or opt for non food treats, Halloween themed pencils/erasers/hair accessories/stickers instead of treats. That way there is no junk in the house when the night is over!

7. Find some new, fun traditions! Watch a Halloween themed movie with some popcorn (no butter of course) and other plant-strong snacks!

8. Make these caramel apples by Chef AJ and Julieanna Hever:

9. Try this spooky black bean hummus!

10. Have a family craft night! You can carve pumpkins, or make fun Halloween themed (or fall themed) crafts together.

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Have you purchased your copy of The Engine 2 Diet yet? It is a great cookbook, especially if you are a guy or have manly men in your life. Another must have book is Julieanna Hever’s book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition.

If Halloween makes you feel like you are an alcoholic living in or working in a bar, learn hypnosis and stop the cravings.

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