Hypnosis is effective in recovering from rheumatoid arthritis. Self hypnosis puts you in control of the pain, the swelling, what you eat, what you feel and can be used to motivate you to exercise.

Here are some positive tips for living with arthritis:

Positive tips for living with arthritis:

  • Learn all you can about your condition; it will help you regain a sense of control over your arthritis
  • Learn to accept your limitations. There are naturally going to be some activities that you can’t do any more, but focus on those that you can, or find some new ones.
  • Allow yourself to feel tired. This doesn’t mean you should feel guilty about the things you haven’t done, or can’t do. When you need to rest, rest.
  • Try to eat well, avoid stress and, above all, talk to people – your doctor, therapist, friends – or join an arthritis support group. Young people with arthritis, in particular, need to know that it is not just an old person’s disease.

 Tips for fighting depression:

  • Give youself time to understand that feelings of depression and loss are a natural process, but don’t get stuck there. Be honest with your feelings, and if you need help, ask.
  • Try not to feel sorry for yourself; fight it! The emotional ups and downs are part of your condition. It’s sometimes easier to give in to depression, but stay positive.
  • If thinking about the future makes you unhappy, then don’t think that far ahead. Sometimes focusing on the here and now will get you through.

Melissa Roth and I are developing an amazing protocol for using hypnosis for arthritis and we will be teaching our hypnotherapy arthritis protocol to other hypnotherapists for two days in Daytona Beach at the Hypno Expo 2008. By summer, our hypnosis arthritis program will be available for purchase here at Hypnosis Health Info.

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