Poultry is not diet food

No, poultry is not diet food. In fact, research shows that chicken consumption is most associated with weight gain in both men and women.

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One of the evidence based reasons for encouraging a whole plant-based lifestyle is that people who eat plant-based foods have considerably lower obesity rates compared to meat-eaters.

In recent years, the poultry industry marketers have promoted chicken and turkey as diet food. That is not what the evidence based science reveals.

Weight loss, healthy eating and healthy lifestyle changes is challenging for most of us. I know that hypnosis for weight loss can help you make these healthy changes. More than 20 years ago I lost 115 pounds and I have kept it off. It’s been my honor to support hundreds of people as they have lost weight.

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August 30, 2016: “Chicken consumption was most associated with weight gain in both men and women, and it didn’t take much. Compared to those who didn’t eat any chicken at all, those eating about 20 or more grams of chicken a day had a significantly greater increase in their body mass index. That’s around one chicken nugget, or a single chicken breast once every two weeks compared to no chicken at all.” Read Poultry and Weight Gain

Michael Greger, M.D.


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Throughout my day I eat whole grains, vegetables and fruit.

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