So what are self-hypnosis Power Minutes? They are 1 to 4 minute MP3 hypnosis downloads for your IPod, cell phone, computer or other MP3 player. I created Power Minutes to go along with the Light Switch self-hypnosis technique. Here at Hypnosis Health Info you can learn how to hypnotize yourself with self-hypnosis. There are many other tools for you here as well including the hypnosis download, Orange Blossom – it will help you relax and be more mindful.

I received an email from a woman in England thanking me for the hypnosis MP3 Power Minute, Remember When. She found that it supported her in focusing on obtaining and maintaining her ideal healthy weight.

Power Minutes have become very popular and I am surprised at how much I use them. Why? How many times through out a week do you have the time to listen to a 20 to 30 minute hypnosis MP3? I don’t have very many opportunities for 20 to 30 minutes – but every day I have several opportunities for 1 to 4 minutes.

Download the hypnosis MP3 Remember When. And, be sure to watch the video Remember When – it’s free!

Read about the Light Switch self-hypnosis technique and watch my videos so that you can learn how to hypnotize with self-hypnosis. Discover Power Minutes and these hypnosis downloads to work for you.

Be sure to consider the other MP3 hypnosis downloads through my store.

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I deserve all that is good in my life.

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