Power Minutes are hypnosis MP3 downloads that are used for weight loss, stress reduction and other health and wellness issues. All week my posts have been about weight loss success so its seems appropriate that this weeks featured product from the Hypnosis Health Info Store be one of the Slender For Life™ that support hypnosis for weight loss clients with their success. Self hypnosis help is available wherever your are. You can use hypnosis effectively and quickly – even while you are on the toilet!

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Because Your Health Is Most Important 1

Power Minutes are 1 to 4 minute MP3 hypnosis downloads that you can put on your MP3 player and use on the go (but still not while you are driving, please!) Why Power Minutes when you can use written suggestions with self-hypnosis? Well, it feels really good to give yourself a shoulder massage, I don’t know about you but I’d really rather to go the massage therapist and let the therapist give me a really great massage. It feels so good! The problem is, I don’t have a lot of time to listen to 30 minute hypnosis recordings. But, I can get in a 1 to 4 minute hypnosis recording.

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Power Minutes can support you with your weight loss and with your life-long success of maintaining your healthy ideal weight. Power Minutes are the perfect companion to to the Light Switch self hypnosis and a great alternative to Written Suggestions.

If you have your own ideas for short hypnosis MP3 downloads, please email me with your suggestions. I will tweak your words, record it, send the recording to you and post it for everyone else.

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I attain and maintain my ideal weight because
my health is most important.

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