Good Morning AmericaActually, its a great morning for hypnosis. Good Morning America has been doing a great job telling the facts on hypnotherapy and making it fun and interesting. They have challenged some of the staff to overcome their fears – for Diane Sawyer, the challenge was to walk on fire.

In preparation of the fire walk GMA interviewed Dr. David Spiegel, a psychiatrist from Stanford University and had him hypnotize GMA staff and educate on self-hypnosis.

In a segment titled Power of Mind Control,  Dr. Spiegel said that hypnosis is believed in imagination and that hypnosis is really highly focused attention where you control what it is you focus on and the affects it has on your body. You become the traffic director of your own body. (I love that description of self-hypnosis and plan on using it with my clients.)

With hypnotherapy, the pain centers of the mind are almost inactive so that even a cesarean birth can be preformed using only hypnosis, no pain medications and be pain free. Studies show that when surgeries are preformed using hypnosis without pain medication recovery is faster and better.

Using self-hypnosis performance and efficiency will improve and you can maximize your potential. So, watch Diane Sawyer walk on fire. And just for fun, have a Reality Check.