WOW! A powerful weapon to fight off cancer. And none of those nasty side effects that you see in TV commercials. Another great informational video from the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine.

Don’t like fruits, vegetables and whole-grains?  Is your dis-like worth the health consequences? Hypnosis is another powerful weapon for your health. You can use hypnotherapy to end cravings for fats, sweets and junk foods and create a healthy desire for fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Use self hypnosis and manage your health and wellness. Hypnosis Healing and Recovery From Cancer is a perfect example of the benefits of hypnotherapy. You may also be interested in Meat Consumption Increases Breast Cancer and More Studies Link Milk to Prostrate Cancer. Have you used hypnosis to recover from cancer? Please share your experience with me.

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:


I love fruits, vegetables and whole grains. 


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