Pre-Cut Vegetables

Have you ever wondered about the health differences between pre-cut vegetables and whole vegetables?

People often ask me about using pre-cut vegetables so I was happy to hear Dr. Greger talk about them.  My take is that as much as I would love to walk out to the garden and pull a carrot to eat, I do not have that opportunity. When I can, I get fresh vegetables at the farmer’s market. But most of our vegetables come from the produce section of the grocery store.

Sometimes, I stop at the store and buy pre-cut veggies for a snack during my day. And, I think that pre-cut veggies are a great option when you are hosting a party and want to offer a veggie tray.

As Dr. Greger says, eating pre-chopped vegetables is definitely better than no vegetables, but chopping your own might be the healthiest.

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Pre-Cut Vegetables

Are Pre-Cut Vegetables Just as Healthy?

Michael Greger M.D. FACLM December 18th, 2019 Volume 48: “Within three hours of consumption, the fresh onion meal caused significant reductions in several markers of inflammation. That’s what fruits and vegetables do; they reduce inflammation. But these effects were not observed after eating the prechopped onions. For example, here’s one inflammatory marker. Three hours after eating fresh-chopped onions, a significant drop in inflammatory status, but three hours after eating the exact same amount of pre-chopped onions, no significant change. So, it’s not like the pre-chopped onions caused more inflammation, like in the meat, eggs, and dairy studies, but they did appear to extinguish some of the anti-inflammatory effects of the onion. In conclusion, the modern trend towards eating the pre-chopped vegetables rather than whole intact foods is likely to be associated with increased oral endotoxin exposure. It’s definitely still better to eat pre-chopped vegetables than no vegetables, but chopping your own might be the healthiest.”

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