If you have been reading my blog, you know that I write a lot about hypnosis, self hypnosis and hypnotherapy. I’m a hypnotherapist – of course, what would you expect?!

We live in trance. We move from one trance to another. Just the other day a new client said at the end of her first hypnosis session, “that felt great … but, it didn’t feel any different.” I giggled at her words and she puzzled with the irony of what she just said. I explained again to her that hypnosis is a natural state that we are always in … that it feels no different than driving trance or TV trance, or eating too much food too fast. Yet, she said it “felt great.” She was very relaxed.

You will see me say this over and over again: HYPNOSIS IS TAKING CONTROL OF THE TRANCE YOU ARE IN. When you are in that trance of eating too much food too fast, or stressing about work, or bored with the TV, it’s as if its an out of body experience. Self-hypnosis brings you back, present and conscious in your body allowing you to be in control, at choice. Hypnotherapy allows you to manage your thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

Use self hypnosis to live consciously and enjoy the daffodils!

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I am present and conscious in my body.