Prevent Alzheimer’s disease

The body of evidence continues to grow that shows that you can prevent Alzheimer’s disease with a whole-food plant-based diet.

Alzheimer’s is the most expensive disease, costing at least $400 billion annually. It causes a profound emotional burden and suffering to both the family and the community. Alzheimer’s is also the fastest growing epidemic, with an 87% rise in prevalence and mortality during the last decade.

It doesn’t have to be this way. 90% of all Alzheimer’s disease is preventable with a whole-food plant-based lifestyle. A whole-food plant-based diet helps maintain your brain throughout your life.

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Prevent Alzheimer’s disease

The evidence for a ketogenic diet effect on cognitive health
and prevention of Alzheimer’s is absolutely nonexistent.

Can the Ketogenic Diet Lead to Alzheimer’s Disease?

From the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutritional Studies: “The latest in this trend is the ketogenic diet, with sparse evidence for any efficacy beyond adjunctive treatment for particular types of epilepsy, or the questionable health of laboratory rodents. The evidence for a ketogenic diet effect on cognitive health and prevention of Alzheimer’s is absolutely nonexistent. It does have a temporary effect on brain cells due to its alternative energy, but that effect is short-lived and believed to have long-term damaging effects. Yet the path to achieving a ketogenic diet, which often leads to glucose and lipid dysregulation, has repeatedly been shown to create harmful byproducts, as well as deposition of amyloid and tau proteins which are known to be strongly associated with end-stage Alzheimer’s disease.

The evidence could not be more disproportionate on the side of the whole food, plant-based diet, yet somehow in the media, a false equivalency has been created based on appeal to anecdote and to the masses.”

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Baby Boom + Fast Food = Dementia Boom

Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine, Neal Barnard, M.D.: ” Today’s dementia boom can be attributed to the saturated fats and trans fats that began inundating the American diet with the rise of fast food.

The Chicago Health and Aging Study reported in the Archives of Neurology in 2003 that people consuming the most saturated fat had more than triple the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, compared with people who generally avoided these foods. Trans fats, found in doughnuts, snack pastries, and often in french fries, have been shown to increase Alzheimer’s risk more than fivefold.”

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