Prevent cancer with simple lifestyle changes? Yes, heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis along with cancer can be prevented with lifestyle changes. Many doctors have given up talking with their patients about lifestyle changes including weight loss. They just prescribe the medications to deal with the results of obesity. Living with medications to regulate blood pressure and blood sugar is often unnecessary when at a healthy weight. Our nation is in financial crisis and our health care system needs reform. Healthcare reform begins with each of us taking responsibility for giving care to our own body by eating healthy and exercising. Self-hypnosis can help you easily make these lifestyle changes that allow you to lose weight and motivate you to exercise. Slender For Life™ clients learn hypnosis for weight loss so that they can make their healthcare reform a reality.

Simple Life Changes Could Stop Millions of Cancers

Reuters , February 4, 2011: About a third of all common cancers in the United States, China and Britain could be prevented each year if people ate healthier food, drank less alcohol and exercised more, health experts said on Friday.

Estimates from the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) and the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) suggest that making simple lifestyle changes could prevent some 40 percent of breast cancers alone in Britain and the United States, as well as tens of thousands of colon, stomach and prostate cancers.

It is distressing that even in 2011, people are dying unnecessarily from cancers that could be prevented through maintaining a healthy weight, diet, physical activity and other lifestyle factors.

The findings are backed by World Health Organization recommendations, which say regular exercise can prevent many diseases such as cancers, heart diseases and diabetes.

In a separate statement, the Geneva-based WHO said low levels of physical activity are the main cause of an estimated 21 to 25 percent of breast and colon cancers, 27 percent of diabetes cases and 30 percent of heart disease cases worldwide.

The message is simple — that not smoking, eating good food and being a healthy weight can help ward off many cancers — it was still a difficult one to get across.

The WHO says adults should do at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week. This could be done by walking for 30 minutes five times per week or by cycling to work every day.

Read Simple Life Changes Could Stop Millions of Cancers

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