Prevent Prediabetes from Turning into DiabetesYou can prevent prediabetes from turning into diabetes with diet and lifestyle changes. Dr. Michael Greger tells us that studies have repeatedly found that non-drug approaches are superior to drug-based approaches for diabetes prevention. Lifestyle intervention reduced diabetes incidence by 58 percent, compared to only 31 percent with the drug. The lifestyle intervention was significantly more effective than drugs, and had fewer side-effects. At Roger Moore’s Counseling & Hypnotherapy LLC I teach you medical self hypnosis so that you can make diet and lifestyle changes and improve your health.

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How to Prevent Prediabetes from
Turning into Diabetes

In just one decade, the number of people with diabetes has more than doubled. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, by 2050, one out of every three of us may have diabetes. What’s the big deal?

Well, the consequences of diabetes are legion: the #1 cause of adult-onset blindness, the number one cause of kidney failure, and the number one cause of surgical amputations. What can we do to prevent it?

Well, the onset of type 2 diabetes is gradual, with most individuals progressing through a state of prediabetes, a condition now striking approximately 1 in 3 Americans, but only about 1 in 10 even knows it.

500 people with prediabetes randomized into a lifestyle intervention or control group, and during the trial, the risk of diabetes was reduced by that same 50-60%, but only a fraction of the patients met the modest goals. Even in the lifestyle intervention group, only about a quarter were able to eat enough fiber, meaning whole plant foods, and cut down on enough saturated fat, which in this country is mostly dairy, dessert, chicken, and pork. But they did better than the control group, and fewer of them developed diabetes because of it. But what if you looked just at the folks that actually made the lifestyle changes, met at least 4 out of 5 of those wimpy goals? They had zero diabetes. None of them got diabetes. A 100% drop in risk.

Bottom line: Type 2 diabetes can be prevented by changes in lifestyle even in high-risk prediabetic subjects.

The fact, then, that type 2 diabetes, a largely preventable disorder, has reached such epidemic proportion is a public health humiliation.

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The Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine (PCRM) has published Diet and Diabetes: Recipes For Success which you can find here in the Hypnosis Health Info Library. No matter where you live, call or email be for your free consultation and find out how you can learn and use medical self hypnosis to improve your health.

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