Prevent and reverse arthritis with dietIf you are living with rheumatoid arthritis, Dr. John McDougall’s free webinar on how you can prevent and reverse arthritis with diet is a must watch. As a Health Care Support Hypnotherapist, I’ve been teaching Medical Hypnosis to people with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and other autoimmune diseases for the past 19 years. My interest in hypnosis for rheumatoid arthritis began because of my own experience with the pain, stiffness and swelling that resulted from having RA. I had lost weight eating mostly plant-based foods, but I did have the occasional fish, oil, cheese and ice cream. When I committed to a very low-fat whole food plant-based lifestyle and I used hypnosis imagery for rheumatoid arthritis, I became and remain symptom free. Today, I live a very healthy and very active life free of the pain, stiffness and swelling. If you’d like to learn more about hypnosis for rheumatoid arthritis or other autoimmune diseases, please give me a call or send me an email now.

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Recorded Webinar: 2/2/16, Prevent and Reverse Arthritis with Diet

Ten Cases of Severe, mostly Rheumatoid,
Arthritis Cured by the McDougall Diet

The McDougall Newsletter, John McDougall, MD, May 2014 newsletter: When patients first start, I usually recommend that they follow the basic McDougall Diet without wheat or soy foods. (This request is made only for general health reasons because it eliminates refined flours found in breads and cereals, and processed soybeans, including fake meats and cheeses.) A gluten-free diet (no wheat, barley, or rye) is a next reasonable step for anyone not achieving rapid improvements from the basic McDougall Diet. A few people will have to follow the stricter McDougall Elimination Diet (see below). A temporary water-only fast maintained for a few days is the ultimate dietary restriction and is a final step I have resorted to for a few difficult patients.

Benefits for arthritis usually begin to appear within four to seven days of strict adherence to the new diet regime. This is the amount of time required for the bowels to eliminate all of the foods previously consumed. After the remnants of unhealthy foods are emptied from the intestines, the animal-food-derived protein antigens slowly clear out of the bloodstream over the next few days. Products of inflammation, such as the antibodies attacking the body’s own tissues, may persist for weeks. Complete resolution of active disease may take as long as four months; only then can the full benefits be appreciated from following the new diet therapy.

Unfortunately, small indiscretions often result in big penalties. That error could be a tiny bite of cheese or a bowlful of oily vegetables. One of my patients had been free of all of her arthritis pain and swelling for four months when she ventured out to a Chinese restaurant. The food served may have been vegan, but the peapods and sprouts were drowning in peanut oil and swimming with questionable ingredients. The next day she was in my office with both knees red, hot, and swollen.

People on medication must keep in contact with their private doctors. As they improve with the new diet regime then their doctors should be recommending, sooner rather than later, reductions and eliminations of medications. Remember, the medications are primarily for symptom relief. The cost of too aggressive reduction of medication is an increase in pain, which can be remedied by restarting the drug regime. Most people, like the ten examples in this article, will be able to stop all medications and live comfortably. The program is essentially cost-free, side effect-free, and risk-free. Of course, patients should consult their healthcare provider before making any changes in their diet or medication, especially if they are ill or on powerful drugs.

Read Ten Cases of Severe, mostly Rheumatoid,
Arthritis Cured by the McDougall Diet

Medical Hypnosis with  Roger Moore can help you to make lasting lifestyle dietary changes and teach you the guided imagery techniques for your health and wellness. I too have been amazed over these 19 years at how quickly a change to a whole food plant-based lifestyle combined with Health Care Support Hypnosis can result in the reversing of rheumatoid arthritis. Almost immediately I hear that pain, swelling and stiffness are less and within a few weeks I’m being told that clients are symptom free. Your results may vary, but I do believe that hypnosis for arthritis can benefit you. No matter where you may live Hypnosis Health Care Support is here for you.

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