Treating yourself with compassion

Are you like most people and miss out on the privilege of treating yourself with compassion? People master negative self-talk and they master beating themselves up. Those neurons have been fired and wired so many times that it is instinctual to be hard on themselves.

By treating yourself with compassion, I’m not talking about getting a massage or a pint of Ben & Jerry’s or adding to your credit card debt at Nordstrom’s, I’m talking about being genuinely compassionate with yourself.

Treating yourself with compassion

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I treat myself with love, joy and compassion.


Still have a pulse?

In my post Overcoming negative self-talk, I told you how you can stop the negative self-talk and how you can even use it for your benefit. In the last few weeks since that post people have shared with me how much they have used it and how it has benefited them. The thing is that in the next breath they often will judge themselves as wrong for still having negative thoughts.

In Even when you struggle and in Self-forgiveness, I asked that you check and see if you have a pulse. (Go ahead and check now for your pulse.) If you still have a pulse, you will occasionally still have negative thoughts. If you don’t have a pulse, then you can stop reading this post.

When you become aware of negative thinking, rather than judging it, simply say or think to yourself, “Isn’t that interesting. I’m thinking negatively.” Next, notice the part of you that is doing the judging and the part of you that is being judged.

Spend some time with both of these parts of you. What do they want for you? What is their purpose? You may discover that they both want the best for you. Instead of them fighting each other, get them on the same team and set them up to work together. Be sure to embrace these parts of yourself with love and compassion.


Good morning. I love you. Have a fabulous day!

As part of your Greatest Expression of You process in the morning, look into the mirror and into your eyes. Say, “Good morning. I love you. Have a fabulous day!”

As part of your mental rehearsal, rehearse your day being kind, loving and compassionate to yourself. Throughout the day, give yourself a hug or a smile in the mirror. If you are in a meeting with the boss and can’t give yourself a physical hug, then gently touch your hand, arm or leg with lots of love and give yourself a smile in your mind’s eye.

At the end of your day, be sure to look into your eyes and thank yourself for a wonderful day and say “I love you.”


Treating yourself compassionately is a privilege. It is an honor that you can sincerely give to yourself. Compassion is something that you get to do for you. Think about this: Would you talk to your grandchild the way you have been talking to yourself? I don’t think that you would. So treat yourself and the little kid in you with love, joy and compassion. It is an honor and privilege for you to relish.

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