Processed Food vs Whole Food

A frequent question that weight loss hypnosis clients ask me about is processed food vs whole food. My usual response is that “the food you each should look like you dug it out of the ground, picked it off a plant or bush or out of a tree. It should look like God made it. If man has taken it, sliced and diced it and put it in a package with a label, choose wisely.”

I like what Thomas Campbell, M.D., writes, “From a nutritional point of view, the better way to think of processing is to think of whether you are eating a whole food or just a fragment of the original food.” I encourage you to read his article.

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Are you eating a food fragment or the whole food?


What Is a Processed Food vs a Whole Food?

By Thomas Campbell, MD: “The bottom line? I suggest you think of food as a whole food or a food fragment and consider food fragments as having been negatively processed but the rest are generally OK. That means that whole foods that are technically processed, like frozen foods, canned foods, dehydrated foods or pre-ground foods, are OK. Of course, there are exceptions, and it is not unusual that I’ll advise a patient to change their intake of certain processed foods like whole-grain flours, or blended whole foods.”

Read: What Is a Processed Food vs a Whole Food?

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