Control Room For Weight Loss ~ Hypnosis MP3 Download

Control Room For Weight Loss ~ Hypnosis MP3 Download


Control Room For Weight Loss is one of my most favorite metaphors and it is this weeks hypnosis MP3 download. Imagine actually having a control room for your body that has your book of perfect health that tells you exactly what your body needs and that you can make the necessary changes that allow for greater health and wellness. In essence, you do have such a control room with your own personalized book for perfect health. It’s your unconscious mind and it does know what you need. Trust your unconscious mind and give it what it needs for your wellness.

Control Room For Weight Loss

Welcome to the control room of your body you notice that all of the gauges seemingly go on for ever and ever. In fact, there are so many gauges and so many dials that you can’t possibly see them all consciously, but as you look at them, you notice they are each labeled individually, why, one gauge is labeled “metabolism”, and another is labeled “cholesterol”, and another labeled “blood pressure”, blood sugar, hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, growth hormone, bone density, immune system, Ghrelin, PYY and another labeled “body fat”. And as you gaze among the millions and million of gauges you realize you are in the control room of your body, and sitting in the middle of this control room is a wondrous leather bound book with gold gilded edges labeled “owners manual for perfect health”. And as you look at this wonderfully powerful book, you see your name, embossed in gold letters in the lower right hand corner. Now, go over to that book and look inside…and as you turn the first page, you see that it is dedicated to you.

Go to the walls with all of the gauges and dials, and begin adjusting the dials at an infinitely rapid pace to resemble the gauges in your book of perfect health.

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Length: 34:13 Only $12.97

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