Hope is a Memory of the Future

Hope is a Memory of the Future


Hope is a Memory of the Future is one of my Hypnosis MP3 downloads in the Hypnosis Health Info Store. We can all use more hope in our life and with this MP3 download you get to move through the tunnel towards love and light. Allow yourself to dance….. to sing….. to speak….. to let the world….. know what you have to say to it. Create hope in your life with Hope is a Memory of the Future.
Length: 16:30


Hope is a Memory of the Future …….. So move through the tunnel towards the light….. As you travel through the tunnel, don’t forget that we all grow and experience new things….. and we learn….. and we overcome….. So move through the tunnel….. towards love and light….. As you move towards the light, you’ll feel it….. and sense it….. and the love….. and the energy.

When you come out of the tunnel….. you’ll see all of the people in your life….. sitting in an open, outdoor amphitheater in front of you….. And the stage is yours.

But the stage is there for you to dance….. to sing….. to speak….. to let the world….. know what you have to say to it.

You can feel the acceptance….. You may hear applause….. Perhaps tears or laughter, when appropriate….. The people are with you….. They are loving you….. They are enjoying you….. for what and who you are.

Yet you know inside you….. that you don’t require applause to know when you have performed well….. when you have given….. all that is inside of you….. When you have participated….. you are a winner.

That’s something that’s inside of you….. that you don’t need someone else to tell you about. ……..”

Hope is a Memory of the Future ……..

Illuminated by the memory of hope

Your journey through the tunnel is illuminated by the memory of hope—a beacon guiding you toward a future brimming with possibility. As you emerge into the light, feel the warmth of the sun and the embrace of those who matter. They are there to witness your transformation, to celebrate your courage and resilience.

In this moment, on this stage, you are free to express yourself in any form. Dance with abandon, sing your heart out, share your stories—each step, each note, a testament to your journey. This is your time to shine, to show the world the depths of your spirit.

The amphitheater, filled with familiar faces, radiates with support and love. Each smile, each tear, a reflection of your shared experiences. They do not just watch; they feel with you, laugh with you, grow with you. This connection, this moment, is what Hope is a Memory of the Future truly embodies.

Inside, you carry the strength and wisdom of your experiences. The applause is heartening, but the real triumph is in your heart's quiet confidence. You know your value, your impact, your truth. Hold onto this feeling, this certainty, and let it guide you forward. With hope as your compass, the future is bright, inviting, limitless. Embrace it.