The more produce that you eat, the more that you are doing to protect your thyroid from cancer. For years now, doctors like John McDougall, Neal Barnard, T. Collin Campbell, Caldwell Esselstyn, Dean Ornish, Joel Fuhrman and others have taught us about the dangers of eating chicken, fish, beef, pork and all dairy products. Study after study repeatedly show that animal proteins increase risk of several cancers as well as diabetes, heart disease and obesity. The Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine (PCRM) have led very public educational campaigns such as Hot Dogs Cause Butt Cancer. If you are someone who just doesn’t like vegetables but you are concerned about improving your health, discover what self hypnosis can do for you. Learn hypnosis and realize that you are loving your veggies and are becoming plant-strong!

Protect Thyroid With Produce

Highest Veg Consumption Linked to 20% Lower Cancer Risk

Dole Nutritional News March 30, 2012: Another reason to load up on veggies: lower risk of thyroid cancer. 60,000 new cases of this deadly disease are diagnosed annually — while a whopping 25 million Americans suffer from various thyroid disorders. Seated right above the collarbone, your thyroid plays a major role in regulating growth, metabolism and reproduction.

Proper thyroid function depends greatly on iodine — deficiency during pregnancy being the most common cause of childhood mental retardation globally. While most Americans get more than enough iodine (thanks to WAY too much iodized salt) we consume far too few vegetables. When Italian researchers looked at two decades of scientific literature, searching for how dietary patterns impact thyroid cancer risk, they found that people with the highest veggie consumption were 20% less likely to develop this particular cancer.

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Go to the McDougall”s Health and Medical Center and to the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine and find out how eating plant-strong can change your health. You also may want to read about the Plant-Based Food Guide Pyramid.

And, of course, be sure to look at all the tools and resources here at Hypnosis Health Info . You can easily learn self hypnosis and discover that you are eating plant-strong.

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