Protein Anxiety

I wonder how many American’s suffer from protein anxiety. Do you? Are you thinking about proteins as if it’s a food group when you plan your meals? Are you hounding your kids to eat protein?

Protein is not a food group! Protein is a nutrient. It is not a synonym for poultry, fish, beef, pork or dairy. The reality is that as long as you are meeting your total daily calorie requirement, you are getting enough protein.

If you ate your daily total calorie requirement only in potato chips, you’d get enough protein. (NO! I’m not suggesting that you eat potato chips.)

Too much protein results in the diseases of obesity such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Isn’t it time for you to give up your protein anxiety?

Hypnosis can help you end your desires for the foods that make you fat and sick and help you to create healthy desires for whole plant-based food.

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Protein Anxiety

Do You Suffer from "Protein Anxiety"?

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, September 14, 2017: ”

Of course, the body needs some protein to build and repair body tissues. But protein is widely available in beans, vegetables, and grains. It is almost impossible not to get all the protein you need, even without eating meat, dairy, or eggs.

Here are the numbers: An average women needs about 46 grams of protein per day; the average man about 56. If a person were to eat nothing but broccoli for a day, a 2,000-calorie diet would provide a whopping 146 grams of protein. Yes, green vegetables are loaded with protein. A person eating only lentils would get even more—2,000 calories’ worth of lentils pack 157 grams. Of course, no one would eat only broccoli or only lentils, and it is much better to combine foods—beans, grains, vegetables, and fruits—to get complete nutrition. The point is that plant-based foods clearly provide abundant protein.

The average American actually consumes too much protein, according to the CDC, with most people getting nearly double the amount they actually need. And more isn’t better. When protein comes from animal products—which are high in fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol—diseases like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease often follow.”

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