Seems like everyone is obsessed with protein – especially when it comes to building muscle. The meat and dairy propaganda marketing machines have really hoodwinked us into thinking we have to eat and drink animal proteins.

A personal trainer at the gym last week started talking to me about the importance of eating vegetables and protein. I replied, “Protein? You’re talking about kale and oatmeal, right?” He of course started talking about chicken and fish. As we talked, I politely pointed out that protein is a nutrient – not a food group.

By the end of the conversation he asked if I would send him some articles to read. I happily complied but was concerned that I had overwhelmed him with research on plant-based protein and information on how little protein people actually need.

You can imagine my excitement when I received an email over the weekend from him asking if he could meet with me and if I would coach him on changing to a whole food plant-based lifestyle.


Plant Protein Shown to be Better than Animal Protein for Building Muscle

New research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that both plant-based protein and meat build muscle equally well however because plant-protein comes with less ‘baggage’ in the form of harmful components it’s the more beneficial protein source to use.

Read Plant Protein Shown to be Better than Animal Protein for Building Muscle

Rise of the Vegan

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I eat healthy whole plant-based food to energize my mind and my body.

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