How important is protein in the development of muscles? Dr. John McDougall says protein raises growth hormones which promotes cancer, aging and is hard on the kidneys. Carbohydrate is the primary fuel for exercise at or above 70% of aerobic capacity, the intensity at which most people train and compete. Fat only becomes available for fuel after 20 minutes of exercise; therefore most people never exercise enough to lose body fat. Almost every study of trained athletes shows carbohydrate fed before and during the event improves an athlete’s performance. Carbohydrate fed after the event replenishes the athlete’s glycogen stores for the next race. Sports hypnosis can also help improve strength, energy, stamina, focus and overall improved performance.

The Great Debate ~ High Vs.
Low Protein Diets

High protein diets cause serious metabolic changes that lead to bone loss and kidney stones. Red meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, and eggs are acidic in make up. Vegetable foods are alkaline by nature. The body guards its acid-base balance (pH) carefully so that all of the pH-dependent biochemical reactions take place normally. The dietary-derived acid load from high-protein animal foods must be buffered. The primary buffering system of the body is the bones which dissolve for that purpose into phosphates and calcium. The alkaline phosphate then buffers the animal-food derived acid. This is the first step in bone loss that leads to osteoporosis. The second step leading to osteoporosis consists of changes in kidney physiology caused by the acid, the sulfa containing amino acids (plentiful in meat), and the increased solute load, all resulting in a loss of large amounts of bone material, including calcium, into the urine. The presence of this bone material in the kidney system also lays the foundation for calcium-based kidney stones.

The Nurse’s Health Study recently found women who consumed 95 grams of protein a day compared with those who consumed less than 68 grams a day had a 22% greater risk of forearm fractures (Am J Epidemiol 143:472, 1996).

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Sports hypnosis can help you build the lean, powerful and muscular body that you desire. Personally I have used self hypnosis for completing 5 marathons, long distance cycling, walkers and for climbing mountains. I have taught hypnosis to body builders, runners, cyclists, pitchers, dancers, golfers and other sports enthusiasts.

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