Where do you get your protein? - That's the wrong question!When people ask me, “where do you get your protein,” I’m thinking, that’s the wrong question! As Dr. Michael Greger tells us, they should be asking about fiber. At Slender For Life™ hypnosis for weight loss I coach clients to focus on fiber (starch). With weight loss hypnosis clients easily end their desire for chicken, fish, beef and pork (fats) and develop healthy desires for plant based food. Nutrition scientists have been telling us for more than 100 years about the health benefits of plant based food. Sadly, the beef and diary marketers have done their job amazingly well and the result is that 65% of Americans are overweight and many have the disease of obesity.

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Do Vegetarians Get Enough Protein?

Nutritional quality indices show plant-based diets are the healthiest, but do vegetarians and vegans reach the recommended daily intake of protein?

The largest study in history of those eating plant-based diets recently compared the nutrient profiles of about 30,000 non-vegetarians to 20,000 vegetarians and about 5,000 vegans, flexitarians, and no meat except fish-eaters, allowing us to finally put to rest the perennial question, “do vegetarians get enough protein?” The average requirement is 42 grams of protein a day. Meateaters get way more than they need, and so does everyone else. Vegetarians and vegans get 70% more protein than they need every day.

Surprising that there’s so much fuss about protein in this country when less than 3% of adults don’t make the cut, presumably folks on extreme calorie-restricted diets who just aren’t eating enough food period. But 97% of Americans get enough protein.

There is a nutrient, though, for which 97% of Americans are deficient. Now that’s a problem nutrient. That’s something we really have to work on. Less than 3% of Americans get even the recommended minimum adequate intake of fiber. So the question isn’t “where do you get your protein?” but “where do you get your fiber?” We only get about 15 grams a day. The minimum daily requirement is 31.5 so we get less than half the minimum. If you break it down by age and gender, after studying the diets of 12,761 Americans, the percent of men between ages 14 and 50 getting the minimum adequate intake? Zero.

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Weight loss hypnosis can help you to be in control of your health and wellness by helping you to end your desire for foods that make you fat and sick. Learn hypnosis for weight loss so you too can create healthy desires for plant based food.

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