Public Speaking Confidence is one of the many excellent MP3 Downloads in the Hypnosis Health Info Store. Fear of public speaking (glossophobia), aka stage fright or speech anxiety is one of the most common fears that people have. Someone experiencing stage fright often will have dry mouth, become tongue tied, experience shortness of breath, quivering voice, increased perspiration, rapid heart rate and repetitions of “Umms” and “Ahhs”. In the Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge Island hypnosis offices of Roger Moore’s Counseling & Hypnotherapy LLC I frequently teach clients self-hypnosis to overcome their fear of public speaking. Stage fright can limit career possibilities and can be demoralizing. Hypnotherapy can give you public speaking confidence.

Public Speaking Confidence

Public speaking – you know the feeling… you work for weeks, prepare your presentation to the best of your ability, try and ignore the nerves building up, then… Get on the platform or stand up at the meeting and POW! Dry mouth, shaky legs, blank mind… What the heck happened?

You did everything the public speaking books say: You prepared well, got to know your audience, used all sorts of learning tools to reduce uncertainty and fear… But somehow your brain tripped you up.

This is what happened… For one reason or another, your brain has learned to provide you with the wrong unconscious response when you speak in public.

Instead of appropriate levels of adrenalin and excitement to optimize your performance, you get a fear response like you’re being attacked by a wild animal. Everything in your body and mind is saying “run away!!!”. But you can’t, you have to ignore your ‘fight or flight’ response and stay put. And what’s more, you have to sound eloquent and informed at the same time. Not easy. Impossible in fact.

So here’s what we do about it… Your brain simply needs to be re-educated into the right sort of reactions for public speaking. Using hypnosis, public speaking can actually become something you enjoy!

The Public Speaking Confidence hypnosis download will retrain your brain to:

* get rid of your old public speaking fear
* provide you with the right level of adrenalin and excitement
* allow you to actually enjoy giving presentations (sounds impossible doesn’t it?)

You can banish public speaking fear by re-educating your unconscious mind using powerful hypnotic techniques and respond to presentations with confidence, energy and enthusiasm instead of anxiety and nerves.

Get your hypnosis MP3 download Public Speaking Confidence now.

Clients of the Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge Island hypnosis offices of Roger Moore’s Counseling & Hypnotherapy LLC have experienced great success in overcoming stage fright. You too can easily learn hypnosis to overcome fear of public speaking. Next time you get up to speak, take a minute with self-hypnosis and then begin speaking from a calm and relaxed place allowing your words to flow with ease.

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