Filling-Your-BasketIt’s the holidays and there is lots of shopping going on – but, what are you putting in your basket? Are you filled with the love, joy and peace of the holidays? Or, are you stressed, anxious, depressed and lonely? Are you shopping to fill your cart so that you feel better? If you are doing that, how long does that good feeling last? What happens when you get home? Filling Your Basket is this week’s featured reading from the Hypnosis Health Info Article Library.

Filling Your Basket

You see, when we are in a relationship based on our own neediness, it takes more and more to satisfy us. The relationship is like any other dependency. It’s as if our basket has no bottom…it’s an empty hole. When we keep taking from the relationship it’s not long before there is nothing left to take and we are still empty. It does not work to be looking to people or things outside ourselves to make us happy, to make us feel loved, to meet our needs. We are just increasing our wanting and our sense of lack.

Abundance starts within us, with our baskets full and overflowing. A healthy relationship exists in our overflow, not in our neediness. It’s in our abundance, our mutual giving where we love unconditionally, where we can love and not worry if we are loved back. Abundance starts when we accept God’s forgiveness by forgiving ourselves. When we are forgivable, we can love ourselves, have affirming mental self-talk and give gentle care to our bodies and environment.

If we want physical riches, we must see ourselves as abundant. If we want tranquility, we must be at peace in our minds. If we want love, we must be loving. And if we want forgiveness, we must be forgiving.

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