Quinoa, Chickpea & Beet Burger

Now this Quinoa, Chickpea & Beet Burger sure looks delicious! I hope you had a great Mother’s Day and already Memorial Day is only 10 days away. So I’m thinking about veggie burgers on the BBQ grill with grilled corn on the cob and grilled vegetables for our holiday meal.

Most likely, I will only bake these burgers for about 20 minutes in the oven to firm them up. Then, I’ll place on our grilling plates and finish them off on the grill to give them that great grilled flavor.

I won’t make the creamy avocado – I’ll want my avocado straight out of the shell. No need to add more fat to it. And, of course, I will have kosher horseradish on my burger. My mouth waters just thinking about it! Enjoy and please tell me what you think of these burgers and alterations that you made to the recipe.

Quinoa, Chickpea & Beet Burger is the latest edition to the Slender For Life™ Recipe Library.

Quinoa, Chickpea & Beet Burger

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Quinoa, Chickpea & Beet Burger

From : May I Have that Recipe? Seasonal, Healthy Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes from Around the World. With the occasional indulgence: “This quinoa, chickpea and beet burger is satisfying, super nutritious and packed with flavor. Made with two different kinds of authentic Maille Dijon mustard, loaded with chickpeas, beets and quinoa. Topped with creamy avocado, and, of course, a little extra mustard for good measure.”

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