Re-Inventing Cupid

In his article Re-Inventing Cupid, Frankie Pérez writes about five radical shifts to consider before your next date. If you are married or are in a relationship, read this article. These five radical shifts can dramatically transform your relationship into  an extraordinary relationship. One way that you can support yourself in making these shifts is by changing your thoughts, your emotions and your behavior with hypnosis. I encourage couples to learn self-hypnosis and use it in their everyday life. Re-Inventing Cupid is this weeks featured article in the Hypnosis Health Info Article Library.

Re-Inventing Cupid

When we consider that more than half of all relationships end up in separation or divorce, it is clear that there is something terribly off-kilter in the way we are approaching them. We keep doing the same things over and over expecting a different result – the very definition of insanity! If we are to set ourselves up for the possibility of healthy, happy, and functioning relationships, we must adopt a new relationship paradigm. It is time for a dramatic and radical shift in our outmoded ideas about love!

Following are five ideas that will help to make extraordinary relationship a reality in your life: clarifying purpose, demanding greatness, values-centered connection, healthy is sexy, and from games to authenticity.

Read Re-Inventing Cupid

A healthy relationship begins with a healthy relationship with yourself. You can learn hypnosis and make radical shifts in yourself so that you can dramatically improve your relationships. For an extraordinary relationship, get hypnosis help.

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