It poured here yesterday as I put my office back together – sort of. The painting is done, the carpet came early (YEAH!!) and the new track lights are up – and now I am waiting another 2 to 4 weeks for my new desk. So I am using a computer cart and a folding table from the garage that gets used for big meal events like Thanksgiving. the books are back on the shelf – but there are a couple of boxes of things that don’t have a home until the desk comes, and I am holding on putting up any pictures until the desk in is place.

Anyway, in the process of unpacking the books and putting them back on the shelves, I came across a little book that a client once gave to me by Byron Katie, titled, The End of Suffering. The book is open to page 4 and a line was highlighted. “…the only time we suffer is when we believe a thought that argues with reality.” I had forgotten this line and it reminded me of how much  stress I create in my life by believing things that are not my reality.

A metaphor that I often use with clients in my hypnotherapy sessions talks about things seeming to be something scary but turning out to be something wonderful and exciting – not the stuff of our imagination. That of course is what we too often do, imagine things to be far worse than they are. With hypnosis you can stop the awfulizing and discover the beauty. As soon as I become aware that I am believing something outside of my reality, I use my one-minute self-hypnosis technique to make the most of my reality.