Raise your teen to be an adult

I hope that the goal of a parent is to raise your teen to be an adult. At least I hope so anyway. Over the years, I have had many teenage hypnosis clients and sometimes their parents too.

I’ve been struck by the awareness that often the trouble the teen was having was a result of the baby-coddling of the parents. When I hear from the young adults all that their parents are doing for them as they go off to college, I wonder how they will ever survive on a college campus and in adult life.

Frequently, the goal for hypnosis was to enable and empower the teen to use the resources within them as a guide for their life. Teens learn self-hypnosis to strengthen their own moral guide, to think on their own and to enhance emotional intelligence.

Dads and Moms, if you are doing everything for you children or you see that your children are struggling, hypnosis can help them to build the necessary life skills to thrive in this world.

Love your kids and let them stand on their own two feet so that they can be competent adults.

Raise your teen to be an adult

Hypnosis for teens

Since 1997, I have helped families with hypnosis for teens for mental, emotional and physical health and well-being. And, teens frequently learn self-hypnosis for academics and sports performance.

In the past 10 years, there has been an increase in teens seeking hypnosis for anxiety. The New York Times Magazine reported that, “Over the last decade, anxiety has overtaken depression as the most common reason college students seek counseling services. ”

Hypnosis help is available for anxiety and it works. I love it when adults stop me on the ferry or in the store to introduce themselves and remind me that several years ago as a teen they were my client. I love it even more when they tell me that they are still using the mindfulness hypnosis tools that I taught them to manage their day-to-day life.

If you are a parent or a teen and would like to know more about how hypnosis can benefit you, please call or email me. We can meet in my Bainbridge Island or Seattle offices or worldwide online.

Quit Doing These 8 Things for Your Teen This Year if You Want to Raise an Adult

“How do we raise competent adults if we’re always doing everything for our kids? Walk away from doing these 8 things for your teen this school year.”

  1. Waking them up in the morning
  2. Making their breakfast and packing their lunch
  3. Filling out their paperwork
  4. Delivering their forgotten items
  5. Making their failure to plan your emergency
  6. Doing all of their laundry
  7. Emailing and calling their teachers and coaches
  8. Meddling in their academics

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