Raising pain tolerance

Raising pain tolerance using hypnosis and other forms of guided imagery is nothing new. I suspect that ever since humans learned to talk, we were caring for someone in pain with a soothing voice and a healing story.

Even after almost 21 years of using hypnosis pain control, I still marvel at how quickly someone in pain can reduce the level of discomfort. It’s a miracle that happens almost daily in my office. The best part is that clients find out how to do this on their own so that they can manage pain outside of my office.

If you are suffering with pain and would like to find out how you too can alleviate suffering, call or email me now. Together, no matter where you may live, we can develop a hypnosis program for you.

Raising pain tolerance

“Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional.” —Hindu Spiritual

Raising Pain Tolerance Using Guided Imagery

Practical Pain Management, David E. Bresler, PhD, LAc: “Patients can derive not only symptomatic relief but actual physiologic healing in response to treatments that primarily work through beliefs and attitudes about an imagined reality.”

We found that guided imagery could be used to raise pain tolerance, facilitate restful sleep, elevate mood, increase motivation, reduce dependence, and promote self-management. Guided imagery techniques enabled us to best meet our remaining three goals, and they became one of the most effective ways to help our patients reduce suffering even when ‘“nothing more (medically) can be done.”’

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