Raisins or Sports Gels?
Equal Performance, More Nutrients, 1/5 Price

Are you using expensive sports gels? Raisins deliver the same energy boost, and a much bigger nutrition bang, for a lot less money! A new study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research pitted sports gels against raisins to see if one offered athletes a performance advantage. Eating raisins prior to your workout provides all the energy you need. Plus raisins provide what gels don’t: the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants needed to support your game and minimize recovery time.

The San Diego State University study fed cyclists the equivalent of either three one-ounce gel packs or two small boxes of raisins. Both supplied about the same amount of carbs, which provide the readily available fuel needed for strength and endurance. But raisins naturally outperform the fortified, synthetic gels in potassium (helps prevent muscle cramps), antioxidants, iron (needed to oxygenate blood), copper and manganese (required for collagen formation and cross-linking) — even protein and other nutrients needed by top athletes and weekend warriors alike. Raisins also provide less of what you don’t need — like excess sodium, linked to millions of hypertension-related deaths a year and 13% more calories. Many sports gels even contain caffeine, which can blunt blood flow to your heart during exercise, possibly raising heart attack risk.

Not only do raisins provide superior nutrition value, raisins deliver the same performance results for a fraction of the price. Two packs of raisins (the amount used in the study) cost about 66 cents — which works out to about one cent per gram of carbohydrates. Gel packs, on the other hand, cost about 5 cents per gram of carbohydrates — roughly five times as expensive! So whether you’re into biking, volleyball, soccer, surfing, or weightlifting, stick with raisins for an economical, nutritious energy boost.

Driving back from helping my parents move in Colorado Springs I snacked on raisins whenever I felt a bit sleepy and the energy boost was perfect – it kept me awake and alert!

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Let me know if you switch from protein drinks to raisins and how that works for you.

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Raisins fuel my body.

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