Changing-PainChanging Pain by Daniel F. Cleary is a must read for anyone suffering with pain. Hypnosis can be effectively used to reduce pain. Hypnotherapy is no longer seen as a fringe or alternative type of therapy; rather, the scientific community is studying and taking it seriously. Images of the brain can now show us that changes in activation areas in the brain occur when a person is hypnotized. Exciting new research is going on in this area, both for acute and chronic pain. Researchers at Harborview have studied the use of hypnosis during burn debridement. Those who received hypnosis showed a significant decrease in pain You can hear Daniel Cleary and Roger Moore on Hypnosis Health Radio and watch us on YouTube.

Changing Pain

Daniel Cleary lives with chronic pain. Pain sufferers will recognize themselves in these few pages and respond. The techniques and simple examples described, foster an immediate perception of relief. Returning a sense of control in life allows patients to feel better faster and return to a sense of normalcy in their daily life. Changing Pain is a giant leap forward for people who are in pain.

Be sure to listen to Show #15: Changing Pain – June 3, 2008 with Daniel Cleary and Roger Moore and learn about hypnosis for pain control. You can also watch Dan and I on YouTube Changing Pain. If you suffer with chronic pain, then put hypnotherapy to work for you.

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