Lately I have frequently needed a Reality Check– seems like I have had so many irons in the fire. Professionally, in addition to seeing counseling and hypnotherapy clients I have been writing this blog, working on the new web site, developing the radio show Hypnosis For Your Health, painting, carpeting and organizing my home office and developing some new marketing strategies. Personally, I look for moments of time to be with my wonderful wife and my white lab, Luna. And then there is our home – the leaves are finally out of the big leaf maple and I think the cedars have finally shed – so the roof & gutters need to be cleaned and the yard & garden need so much attention.

It would be really easy to go into overwhelm and let everything drive me crazy – but when I use my self-hypnosis I get things back in perspective and focus on what’s most important and what must me done next – it all gets done (and what doesn’t works itself out).