Life-with-Mom-Week-4-The-Importance-of-ExerciseDr. Michael Greger tells us that daily citrus fruit consumption during athletic training may reduce muscle fatigue, as evidenced by lower blood lactate concentrations. Since 1997 at Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge hypnosis I’ve said, eat the whole fruit and vegetables, skip the juice. I love teaching athletes, sports enthusiasts and weekend warriors self hypnosis for sports performance. You don’t have to be on a sports team or  be a long distance runner to benefit from hypnosis. When you learn self hypnosis  you can use it to help motivate you to become more active, reduce and control pain and eat healthier.

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Reducing Muscle Fatigue With Citrus

I don’t recommend drinking juice, because you’re losing all that wonderful fiber that slows the rate of fruit sugar absorption into our system. Here’s the blood sugar spike one might see after drinking Coca-Cola. Compare that to the spike you see with orange juice. No difference. But what if you ate the same quantity of sugar in the form of orange slices?

So the whole fruit is nearly always better than fruit juice. Now this is not to say OJ isn’t better than coke. OJ has those citrus phytonutrients like hesperidin, which may be why the women’s triglycerides didn’t go up even though they were drinking 2 cups of fruit juice every day. Hesperidin may actually help lower our digestion of fats, but once you get up to 3 cups a day you really can start bumping your triglycerides.

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I use self hypnosis during my workouts to focus my mind. If I’m at a machine or lifting free weights, I visualize correct form and strong powerful movements. When I’m on the road on my bike, I’m giving myself suggestions for strength, endurance, pain control. In doing so, I reduce my muscle fatigue. You too can learn self hypnosis reduce muscle fatique, eat and drink healthy and to motivate you to get off the couch and be more active. Learn more about hypnosis for sports performance so that you can naturally focus your mind.

You may also recall that I have posted several times about the harmful effects of sports drinks and energy bars. Do you know that bananas and raisins are more effective and healthier than that protein drink, gator aide or power bar? Are your kids drinking energy drinks? Do you snack on protein bars? Here are some past post for you to read:

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