Reducing anxiety by addressing climate change

My latest editorial in Desert Health is, Let’s Do This Together which is all about reducing anxiety by addressing climate change.

The scientists have been warning us for years about how we are destroying our planet Earth and about climate change. Our planet is constantly under siege. Raging wildfires, heat waves, drought, flooding, hurricanes, tornados are now the norm, not the exception. And most of us have first-hand experience with this, causing increased levels of stress and anxiety. Added to this are concerns about our own contributions to the crisis.

Feeling helpless and despondent is the enemy. Knowing you’re doing your part to the best of your abilities is the anxiety elixir. Do one small thing every day, and you’ll soon see progress, and that will, in turn, generate dopamine and all those feel-good endorphins. Of course, if age and ability hamper these actions, then ask for help. That’s my point — we need to see our neighbors as part of our extended families. For example, it’s exciting to witness the community at our local dog park where people genuinely care for each other, watch out for each other’s dogs and pick up other dog’s poop! Another way to contribute is to share your resources by donating to groups that are doing the gritty work itself.

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Feel stuck?

If you feel stuck or overwhelmed, mindfulness self-hypnosis techniques can help quell your stress and anxiety and motivate you toward action.

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Doing your part, no matter how small,
can help relieve climate change anxiety.

Let’s Do This Together

“Can you guess the latest hazard to your mental health? The American Psychiatric Association now recognizes climate change as a growing threat to mental health. Climate change anxiety is associated with increases in aggressive behavior and domestic violence, increased use of alcohol to cope with stress, rises in hospital admissions for people with mental health conditions and increased suicide. Is it any wonder?”

Read: Let’s Do This Together

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