Secret to Healthy Aging

What’s the secret to healthy aging? According to research, your brain and your body need social connections to age well. Social relationships help calm your stress-response system.

“’How we bond and stay attached to others is at the core of our resilience, self-esteem, and physical health,’ Louis Cozolino writes. ‘We build the brains of our children through our interaction with them, and we keep our own brains growing and changing throughout life by staying connected to others.’”

Over the years I have witnessed many hypnosis clients who, as a result of our work, became more socially outgoing and more open to creating healthy relationships.

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Why Relationships Are the Secret to Healthy Aging

“’Of all the experiences we need to survive and thrive, it is the experience of relating to others that is the most meaningful and important,’” writes Louis Cozolino, professor of psychology at Pepperdine University.

His thinking grows out of the relatively new field of interpersonal neurobiology, based on the recognition that humans are best understood not in isolation, but in the context of their connections with others. Our brains, Cozolino writes, are social organs, and that means that we are wired to connect with each other and to interact in groups. A life that maximizes social interaction and human-to-human contact is good for the brain at every stage, particularly for the aging brain.”

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Karin Evans

Greater Good Magazine

Social networks, host resistance, and mortality

Researchers who conducted another study, one involving nearly 7,000 people over a nine-year period, found that those with more social ties tended to live longer regardless of their socioeconomic status, smoking, drinking, exercise, or obesity. The mortality rate of men with the fewest ties was 2.3 times that of men with the most ties, the researchers found, while the mortality rate of women with the fewest ties was 2.8 times that of women with the most ties.

Read Social networks, host resistance, and mortality

Karin Evans

Greater Good Magazine

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