Negative-Outlook-Prolongs-Back-PainIf you are one of the 116 million Americans living with chronic pain, there are some simple ways to relax that can reduce your pain. Multiple studies have shown that mindfulness hypnosis relaxation techniques can help you take the suffering out of pain. In my Seattle hypnosis, Bainbridge hypnosis and Forks hypnosis offices and with my online coaching you can learn powerful stress management techniques that help you to quickly relax your mind and your body so that you can reduce chronic pain. The best medicine is within you – not in a bottle. Give me a call or shoot me an email so that you too can easily learn to relax to reduce chronic pain.

Simple relaxation techniques
can reduce chronic pain, February 19, 2014 Boston: Serious, chronic pain affects at least 116 million Americans each year, according to the Institute of Medicine.

But the best medicine may not be in a bottle, according to experts at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine.

“My pain was ruining everything in my life,” said Joyce Evans, who came to the Benson-Henry Institute after a car wreck left her in chronic pain.

Evans had tried everything, from strong medicine to tai chi, to get some relief, but nothing worked until the pros there helped her tap into the power of her mind.

“It was a life-altering experience,” said Evans. “I was able to reduce my pain by about 75 to 85 percent, and I came off of 90 percent of the medications.”

”When we lower the stress response, we can lower the pain levels,” said Ellen Slawsby, Ph.D., the director of pain services at the Institute.

Slawsby taught Evans to use relaxation techniques, like meditation and “minis,” where you repeat a mantra for a few seconds throughout the day, to change how the body reacts to stress.

“It becomes sort of a cue for your body to relax,” said Slawsby.

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With mindfulness hypnosis relaxation techniques you can shift your thinking which does shift your physiology. When you learn mindful pain control it doesn’t cost any more money, you can use it anywhere, it can can change your life and you have these tools for life.

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