Rethinking ExerciseI found this NY Times article, Rethinking Exercise as a Source of Immediate Rewards a perfect fit for what I have talked and written about for  the past 18 years. I have always said that I do not work our for the joy of working out, (other than a bit of social time with friends I’ve worked out with for years) I work out because I feel better and mostly because of the liberty it creates in my life. As a result of my exercising, I know that I can go for a 20 mile hike tomorrow in the mountains with a back pack or that I can get on my bide and easily ride for 100 miles. I don’t have to train, I am already ready to go.

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Rethinking Exercise as a
Source of Immediate Rewards

I was going to skip my daily swim the other morning. I had already walked three miles with a friend and taken my dog to the park for his exercise. I was really tired, my back was sore, I had a column to write and lots to do around the house.

But I knew from past experience that I would feel much better after 40 minutes of swimming laps. So in I went. And, yes, I did feel better — not just refreshed, but more energetic, clearheaded and better prepared than I would have been otherwise to tackle the day’s essentials.

Michelle Segar, who directs the Sport, Health and Activity Research and Policy Center at the University of Michigan, would say I had reframed my exercise experience, making it ever more likely that I would continue to swim — even on days when I didn’t feel like doing it — because I viewed it as a positive, restorative activity. Indeed, exercise is something I do, not because I have to or was told to, but because I know it makes me feel better.

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I exercise because I know that it makes me feel better.

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