Retrain your pain system

You can retrain your pain system with Medical Hypnosis so that you do not live in chronic pain. Pain does have a purpose. It’s purpose is to warn you of danger – but that doesn’t mean that you have to live with chronic pain.

This video is almost 90 minutes in length and it is well worth it. I’m keep my post short so that you can spend the time learning from Pain, the brain and your amazing protectometer with Lorimer Moseley.

If you are living with chronic pain, call or email me now. Together, no matter where you may live, we can develop a hypnosis program for you.

Retrain your pain system

Pain, the brain and your amazing protectometer

From Lorimer Moseley, December 4, 2018: “There have been some amazing pain discoveries over the last 20 years and they’ve opened up new opportunities for people in pain. This talk will explain that when pain persists, your body learns pain and becomes over protected, but you can use proven strategies to slowly retrain your pain system to be less protective. To begin, you need to rethink what pain actually is, what factors contribute to your pain and how you can tailor make your own retraining programme.

Prof Lorimer Moseley is currently Professor of Clinical Neurosciences and Foundation Chair at the University of South Australia. He has authored 300 papers and five books on pain and rehabilitation. Professor Moseley is particularly interested on how education about pain can lead to better pain-related outcomes and strongly supports public and health professional engagement, as exemplified in such initiatives as the ‘Pain Revolution’, ‘Tame the Beast’ and ‘Body in Mind’.”

Read: Pain, the brain and your amazing protectometer

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