Reverse-Diabetic-RetinopathyMedical science has shown that through dietary means alone, diabetic retinopathy can be reversed. If you are living with diabetes or are pre-diabetic, changing to a whole foods plant based lifestyle should be at the top of your priority list. At Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore, I specialize in medical hypnosis to help you make healthy lifestyle changes.

Typically, with in 3 to 6 weeks hypnosis for diabetes clients are sharing with me that their medical doctors are reducing or even eliminating their prescription medications for diabetes. If you are living with diabetes or other health challenges, give me a call or send me an email and find out how you too can benefit from medical hypnosis.

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Can Diabetic Retinopathy Be Reversed?

Though many reported feeling better on Dr. Kempner’s rice and fruit diet, he refused to accept that as evidence of success. He wanted objective measurements, the most famous of which were his so-called eyegrounds photographs, taken with a special camera that allowed one to visualize the back of the eye. And in doing so, he proved that not only could diet arrest the bleeding, oozing, and swelling you see in the back of the eye in people with severe kidney, hypertensive, or heart disease, but actually reverse it, something never even thought possible. Here’s the before; here’s the after. Reversal to such a degree that even patients who could no longer distinguish any objects had been able to read fine print. A reversal of blindness with diet.

The results were so dramatic that the head of the department of ophthalmology at Duke, where Kempner worked was questioned as to whether they were somehow faked. He assured them that they were not. In fact, he wrote in one person’s chart, “This patient’s eyegrounds are improved to an unbelievable degree.” Not only had he never seen anything like it, he didn’t even remember ever seeing a patient with such advanced disease even being alive 15 months later.

The magnitude of the improvements Kempner got was surprising, reversal of end-stage heart and kidney failure, simply beyond belief. But as Kempner said as his closing sentence of a presentation before the American College of Physicians, “The important result is not that the change in the course of the disease has been achieved by the rice diet but that the course of the disease can be changed,” at all.

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Are you eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) you are eating foods that make you fat and sick. Isn’t it time that you find out how you can improve your health and fitness with a whole food plant based lifestyle? Hypnosis can help you to choose the lifestyle choices that help you to be your healthiest.

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