Reverse heart disease

Hypnosis can help you to change your eating habits and prevent or reverse heart disease. At Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore, you can learn self-hypnosis and make lasting healthy lifestyle changes that can save your life.

This year, physicians have referred several of their patients for hypnotherapy. Each of these people were facing bypass surgery if they did not make radical dietary changes.

Each individual is being closely monitored by their cardiologist. Two of the people have made such significant progress that their doctors no longer consider them at risk. The others have experienced significant improvements and are continuing to return to health.



Weight loss hypnosis

Weight loss hypnosis has proven to be effective to lose weight, improve your health and make lasting lifestyle changes.

When you learn hypnosis for weight loss you you can easily end your desires for the foods that make you sick and fat and create healthy desires for the whole plant-based foods that make you healthy and slender.

If you are suffering with heart disease, diabetes, obesity or other health issues, my Slender For Life™ weight loss hypnosis program is available to you wherever you may live.

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heart disease
heart disease

Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease

“Three-thousand Americans have heart attacks every day,2 40 percent of which are fatal. Those who survive often go on to have another heart attack later on.

Every day, nearly 2,600 Americans die of some type of cardiovascular disease, including heart attacks, strokes, and kidney disease caused by blockages in the arteries to the kidney. This means one death every 34 seconds.3

But this need not happen. In fact, a quick survey of cultures around the world shows that heart disease is not inevitable. It can be prevented and, as we have learned, even reversed.”
Read Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease

The Nutritional Reversal of Cardiovascular Disease - Fact or Fiction? Three Case Reports

“Each case demonstrates disease progression and the failure of the standard cardiovascular approaches in contrast to the prompt, powerful and enduring resolution of disease with whole foods, plant-based nutrition. These outcomes constitute an additional mandate that patients with cardiovascular disease be offered a plant-based option which is safe, inexpensive, empowering, and has the potential to end cardiovascular disease epidemic.” Read  The Nutritional Reversal of Cardiovascular Disease – Fact or Fiction? Three Case Reports

Heart Disease Starts in Childhood

“Ornish and Esselstyn proved you can reverse heart disease with a plant-based diet, but we don’t have to wait until our first heart attack to reverse the clogging of our arteries. We can start reversing our heart disease right now. We can start reversing heart disease in our kids, tonight. Heart disease is a choice.” Read Heart Disease Starts in Childhood

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My heart beats stronger with whole plant-based food.

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